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Juni 2015

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US Besteuerung von Deutschen

Deutsche Staatsangehörige müssen in ganz unterschiedlichen Situationen im Ausland Steuern zahlen. Das ist relativ einfach nachzuvollziehen, wenn man im Ausland arbeitet und/oder wohnt. Natürlich denkt man auch an Situationen, in denen man in Deutschland wohnt, aber Investments wie beispielsweise eine …

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The Ins and Out of US Taxation for German Citizens

American tax rules are complex for US taxpayers, but they can also be confusing for others who spend time working in the US or have US investments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common tax situations …

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Why is the British referendum on Europe necessary?

You might wonder why a pro-European German thinks that a referendum about Great Britain’s EU-membership is essential. This is despite the fact that I am an anglophile, have a Scottish wife and friends and colleagues from all over the Anglo-Saxon world. Why …

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Taxation of spouses in Germany

In Germany resident spouses will be jointly assessed for income tax purposes unless they opt for seperate assessment. Joint assessment decreases the tax burden if one spouse’s income is highrer than that of the other spouse. If a spouse qualifies for …

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Assignment and social security

Employed individuals who work in Germany are subject to Germany’s social security systems. Self-employed persons are in general not liable to German social security contributions. There are certain exceptions from this general rule. The most important exception is the assignment of an employee. The …

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German social security for expatriates

In general expatriates moving to Germany are interested in their tax situation. For people with high income this is understandable. However, foreign employees and their employers should not ignore social security obligations in Germany. There are certain issues to be …

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USA: Interest rates on tax over- or underpayments

In the USA interests will be charged by the tax authorities for underpayments. Underpayments  can be the result of tax assessments or late payments. On the other hand interests will be refunded für overpayments (tax refunds). The Internernal Revenue Service (IRS) …

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Salary payments by third parties

Sometimes employees receive wage payments by third parties. This happens within company groups or through benefits granted by business partners.        This occurs, for example, in the following cases: discounts granted by business partners (for example: discounts on …