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„Wenn es knifflig wird.“


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Germany is one of the biggest importing economies in the world. Producers and sellers from states such China, the USA and others often agree with their German customers the Incoterm DDP. This seems beneficial for German importers because they receive goods “on their doorstep”. All costs of transport, insurance and customs declarations have to be paid by the supplier. However, there are situations where this obvious benefit turns into a sour pill for German importers when they receive an unexpected tax bill from their local German tax office.

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Germany’s tax avoidance regulations

Germany’s tax avoidance regulations are far reaching and cover a lot of different situations. There are certain measures which are treated as a tax avoidance scheme although involved companies or individuals do not realise that their business activities may be …

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LLC – Limited Liability Company and German taxation

There are good reasons to form a LLC in the USA. It combines preferable characteristics such as a far-reaching legal flexibility of the corporate structure with a limited liability of its shareholders. Beside this the shareholders can choose whether the …

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The unwanted permanent establishment in Germany

Expatiates living and working in Germany are aware of the fact that relocation to Germany has consequences in regard to their tax situation. Most expatriates who live and work in Germany are employees who work for a German or foreign …

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Freelancer and the „false“ self-employed phenomenon

Some service industries employ freelancers rather than employees in order to carry out certain jobs. To work as a freelancer can be beneficial both for the freelancer and his/her customer. However, if the freelancer’s position is similar to the one of …

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Termin: Umsatzsteuervergütung / VAT refund

Frist / Deadline Unternehmen, die sich die Umsatzsteuer eines anderen EU-Mitgliedstaates des Jahres 2016 vergüten lassen wollen, müssen dies bis zum 30. September 2017 tun! Business entities have to apply for a refund of VAT of another EU-member state 2016 by September …

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German social security rates 2017

In general expatriates moving to Germany are interested in their tax situation. For people with high income this is understandable. However, foreign employees and their employers should not ignore social security obligations in Germany. There are certain issues to be …