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Double household in Germany

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Double household in Germany

Our article Deductible expenses for work-related second household requires a partcial amentment.

From 2014 on the 60 square meter criterion is not applicable any more for a work-related double household in Germany. On the other hand deductible expenses are limited to 1,000 Euro per month. The expenses must be proven by means of supporting documents. If the limit of 1,000 has not been reached in one month the not used amount can be transferred into another month of the same calendar year.

For a work-related double household abroad the 60 square meter criterion is still in place.

Author: Peter Scheller, Steuerberater, Master of International Taxation



Kommentar von Vishal Chaudhari |

To get a double household in tax relief, do the person need a both house contract with his own name (Primary and second one near to work plsce) ?? Or is primary household contract Ok if it is on partner's nzme??

Antwort von Peter Scheller

If you can prove that your primary household is your main home (registration, main tax residentce etc.) and you pay the rent or at least contribute to it then you may claim the double household relief.

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