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Filing US-income tax returns

Filing US-income tax returns

Our co-operation partner Geenback Tax Services provided us with the upcoming deadlines to file US-income tax returns.

It’s that time of the year again and the US tax deadlines are rapidly approaching! Are you ready to file? Here are the upcoming tax deadlines you need to be aware of as a US expat:

June 15 – US expat tax deadline

You may file an extension prior to this day if you need more time.

June 30 – FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) deadline

Form FinCEN 114 must be filed online using the BSA e-filing system. There are no extensions!

October 15 – Final deadline for US expats who filed an extension

Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in the preparation of US expat taxes for Americans living abroad. Greenback offers straight-forward pricing, a simple, hassle-free process and CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents who have extensive experience in the field of expat tax preparation.




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