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„Wenn es knifflig wird.“



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There are various situations where an expatriate who relocates to Germany would benefit from a “tax cover” to avoid undesirable tax consequences. One way to avoid unwanted tax implications is the transfer of property which generates respective income to a German or a foreign company. However, this transfer often results in tax consequences at a later stage which may be considered not to be beneficial and so it must only be done after proper research. Another tax planning tool might be the transfer of respective property into a pension plan.

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Traditionally Germany has had a so called synthetic tax system. That means that the total income from each and every source is amalgamated and the sum multiplied by the individual tax rate of the taxpayer. This method also means that losses from certain sources (such as trade and business or renting out real estate and property) can be credited against other positive income. Germany abolished this system with regard to income from capital investments and now this kind of income is not part of this amalgamation but is taxed at a special tax rate.

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IAPA meeting 2017 in Warsaw

This year’s general meeting of the IAPA International Association of Professional Advisers took place on the 29 and 30 September 2017 in Warsaw. Main topics of this year’s conference were the new EU-regulation on data protection, taxation of expatriates living …