Peter Scheller
Berater für Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte, Steuer- und Unternehmensberater

„Wenn es knifflig wird.“


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The development of German tax legislation is characterised by constant, and sometimes fast-moving, changes. This is also the case with the taxation rules for trans-border transactions. International taxation is not only of importance for Germans with economic interests abroad. Foreigners with economic interests in Germany, or for those foreigners who live and work in Germany, are also affected by changes in the German tax law. This article is to inform you about recent changes in legislation, rulings of the fiscal courts and decrees of the tax authorities.

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Living and working in another country requires careful tax planning as there are always many tax issues to be considered. In addition, social security and other legal issues such as immigration law must be observed. This applies for all US citizens who relocate to Germany and it is important to note that there are special issues to be observed. Different tax and social security systems in Germany and the USA may cause problems in addition to those contained in special provisions in the Double Taxation Convention between Germany and the USA (DTC USA).