Peter Scheller
Berater für Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte, Steuer- und Unternehmensberater

„Wenn es knifflig wird.“


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Under certain circumstances it is beneficial for foreign people to become voluntary members in one or more of the schemes. This is mainly the case for shareholders of foreign companies or partners of foreign partnerships who are not employed in Germany and therefore not obligatory members of Germany’s social security system.

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The German social security system in general covers only employments. This means that it is important to determine when a manager of a corporation or a member of a partnership is deemed to be an employee and becomes liable to German social security contributions if this person continues to work for the company.

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The German social security system is incredibly complex and varies fundamentally from systems of other countries. The parts of the system are very fragmented, and the legal structure is complicated. In addition, there are a lot of different players and organizations involved which makes it even harder to keep track with constant changes in legislation and court decisions. Even many Germans find it impossible to understand the system and its details, and for foreigners who relocate to Germany the system can easily become a devious monster. Therefore, we will publish a serious of articles with the aim to bring some light into this darkness.

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German income tax regulations are relatively generous if it comes to deductibility of job related expenses.