Peter Scheller
Berater für Wirtschaftsprüfer, Rechtsanwälte, Steuer- und Unternehmensberater

„Wenn es knifflig wird.“


Oktober 2018

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Starting a business in Germany requires various registration procedures. The same applies for fundamental changes in the entity’s legal structure or the liquidation of the entity or the termination of business activities.

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Germany has a few legal specifics which needs be taken into consideration by foreign investors and businesses who want to invest or start business activities in Germany. This article lines out only very basic principles which can be surprising for foreign investors and businesses.

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Auch im Jahr 2019 bietet die nwb-Akademie wieder das Seminar "Das Logistik- und Transportmandat" an. Die Transport- und Logistikbranche ist geprägt von vielen Besonderheiten mit einer hohen Fehleranfälligkeit, insbesondere bei grenzüberschreitenden Geschäften.Das Seminar bietet einen praxisnahen Überblick, von der Umsatzsteuer über die bilanziellen Abbildung der Transportrisiken bis zum immer wichtiger werdenden Zusammenspiel von Umsatzsteuer und Zoll.

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Germany is one of the biggest importing economies in the world. Producers and sellers from states such China, the USA and others often agree with their German customers the Incoterm DDP. This seems beneficial for German importers because they receive goods “on their doorstep”. All costs of transport, insurance and customs declarations have to be paid by the supplier. However, there are situations where this obvious benefit turns into a sour pill for German importers when they receive an unexpected tax bill from their local German tax office.

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The United Kingdom and the European Union are still negotiating about an exit agreement. The hard line of EU negotiators and more so the deep discord within the governing Conservative party about Great Britain’s negotiation strategy make it more and more unlikely that both parties will come to an agreement by 29 March 2019. A hard Brexit become more and more a likely scenario. This will have wide-reaching consequences for British citizens living in Germany.