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Juni 2021

401(k)-Plans and German taxation

von Peter Scheller (Kommentare: 32)

US pension plans are an important cornerstone of retirement planning both for US citizens and US residents. As long as citizens and residents remain in the USA the tax consequences are straight forward. However, if a US citizen or a citizen of another state relocates to Germany and withdraws money from such a plan, the tax situation changes and becomes more complex. This is particularly so because many questions regarding the German taxation of withdrawals form 401(k)-plans or IRAs are still unresolved. However, a recent ruling of the German Federal Fiscal Court clarified one outstanding point.

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Brexit Update – six months on

von Administrator (Kommentare: 1)

The impact of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) on VAT and Customs remains profound. The below highlights some of the major changes to be aware of.

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Relocation to Germany when a foreign based company is involved

von Peter Scheller (Kommentare: 2)

When shareholders of foreign based companies relocate to Germany, the tax implications can be severe. This is especially the case if the shareholder is the only manager of a small or medium-sized company. In this case the place of effective management of the company is also transferred to Germany with major tax consequences for the company and the shareholder alike. This article describes the basic tax issues but particularly the valuation of the company’s assets at the moment that is becomes a tax resident entity in Germany.

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